Grad Student Profiles

Stephanie rosbach, PhD student


MS, 2018, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri

BS, 2016, Marine Biology, University of New Haven

Research Interests: Application of statistical methods to paleontological data, variability in taphonomic processes, geoscience education


  • Kansman, J., Mabry M.E., Morrison, A., Rosbach, S.A., and Siegel, M.A. In press. Start by Intentionally Addressing Equity in the Classroom: An Initial Look at Inclusive Practices in Major and Non-major Courses in Biology and Geology. Journal of College Science Teaching.

Grants & Awards:

  • GSA Graduate Student Research Grant, 2020

  • Paleontological Society Student Research Grant, 2020

  • Mizzou Graduate Fellowship, 2016-2018

  • Dean’s List, University of New Haven, 2011-2016

Personal Interests: Digital art, yarn art (crochet and latch hook), video games (i.e. dying in Apex constantly), pretending to have a green thumb, snuggling my disgruntled cat (Mika)

Mikaela Pulsipher, PhD student


MS, 2020, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri

BS, 2018, Geology, Utah State University

Research Interests: Ediacaran-Cambrian paleontology, stratigraphy, carbon isotope geochemistry, field geology


  • Pulsipher, M.A., Anderson, E.P., Wright, L.S., Kluessendorf, J., Mikulic, D.G., & Schiffbauer, J.D. In review. Description of Acheronauta gen. nov., a vermiform basal mandibulate from the Silurian Waukesha Lagerstätte, Wisconsin, USA. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology.

  • Ren, G., Meng, F., Pulsipher, M.A., Schiffbauer, J.D., Yuan, J., Zhao, Y., Guo, Y., Gao, J., & Chang, C., Early view. A contiguous record of the SPICE event, sea-level change, and the first appearance of Fenghuangella laevis in Shandong Province, North China. Lethaia.

  • Pulsipher, M.A., Schiffbauer, J.D., Jeffrey, M.J., Huntley, J.W., Fike, D.A., & Shelton, K.L., 2021. A meta-analysis of the Steptoean Positive Carbon Isotope Excursion: The SPICEraq Database. Earth-Science Reviews 212, 103442.

  • Pulsipher, M.A., & Dehler, C.M., 2019. U-Pb Detrital zircon geochronology, petrography, and synthesis of the middle Neoproterozoic Visingsö Group, Southern Sweden. Precambrian Research 320, 323-333.

  • Kessler, J.A., Bradbury, K.K., Evans, J.P., Pulsipher, M.A., Schmitt, D.R., Shervais, J.W., Rowe, F. E., & Varriale, J., 2017. Geology and in situ stress of the MH-2 borehole, Idaho, USA: Insights into western Snake River Plain structure from geothermal exploration drilling. Lithosphere 9, 476-498.

Grants & Awards:

  • Harriet Evelyn Wallace Scholarship, American Geosciences Institute, 2021

  • Winifred Goldring Award, Association of Women Geoscientists, 2019

  • College of Science Undergraduate Researcher of the Year, Utah State University, 2018

  • Department of Geology Outstanding Graduating Senior, Utah State University, 2018

  • Outstanding Female Geoscience Undergraduate, Association of Women Geoscientists, 2018

Personal Interests: Hiking, camping, reading, fiber arts, attempting to keep plants alive, talking about how much I hate billionaires, educating people about what counts as a dairy product

Casey Bennett, MS Student


BS, 2021, Geology, Stockton University

Research Interests: Mass extinctions, taphonomy, and paleoecology

Personal Interests: Beetlejuice, Triceratops, hair dye, shirts marketed to extremely specific demographics

Dakota Maverick, MS Student


BSc, 2022, Earth Science, University of Toronto, Mississauga

Research Interests: Ediacaran-Cambrian paleontology, taphonomy

Grants & Awards:

  • University of Toronto Student Leadership Award (UTSLA), University of Toronto, 2022

  • Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA), Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), 2020

  • Frederick R. Burton Scholarship in Earth Science, University of Toronto Mississauga, 2019

  • Isabel and Tuzo Wilson Scholarship, University of Toronto Mississauga, 2019

  • Student Event Grant, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), 2019

  • Larry Strong Financial Award, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), 2019

Personal Interests: Video games, swimming, graphic t-shirts, curly hair care

Emily Edwards, MS Student


BS, 2022, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri

Research Interests: Taphonomy, conservation paleontology, museum collections

Grants & Awards:

  • MU Geology Board Undergraduate Award, University of Missouri, 2022

Personal Interests: