student profiles

Mikaela Pulsipher, PhD student


MS, 2020, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri

BS, 2018, Geology, Utah State University


Research Interests: Ediacaran-Cambrian paleontology, stratigraphy, carbon isotope geochemistry, field geology



Grants & Awards

Personal Interests: Hiking, camping, reading, fiber arts, attempting to keep plants alive, talking about how much I hate billionaires, educating people about what counts as a dairy product

Casey Bennett, PhD Student


BS, 2021, Geology, Stockton University

Research Interests: Mass extinctions, taphonomy, and paleoecology 


Personal Interests: Beetlejuice, Triceratops, hair dye, shirts marketed to extremely specific demographics

Dakota Maverick, MS Student


BSc, 2022, Earth Science, University of Toronto, Mississauga

Research Interests: Ediacaran-Cambrian paleontology, taphonomy 

Grants & Awards

Personal Interests: Video games, swimming, graphic t-shirts, curly hair care

Emily Edwards, MS Student


BS, 2022, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri

Research Interests: Taphonomy, conservation paleontology, museum collections

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Personal Interests